Isabelle In Finland

In July 2016 I am going to the 7th International Finnjamboree held in Roihu, Finland. There will be 17,000 Guides and Scouts from all over the world attending, and I need your help to make it there.

The cost of the trip is around 700, and part of my challenge is to raise funds to pay for this. I'm taking on the challenge of the London to Cambridge Bike Ride, 60 miles of cycling. I am doing this challenge with my Dad and godfather M.J. We're getting up really early, then getting a coach down to London at artround 6am with our bikes in a lorry. Then the long ride home!

To get accepted to go to Roihu I had to attend an all-day selection event, with Guides from lots of units throughout Cambridgeshire who all wanted to go. There were a set of tests - I had to run a 10 minute activity for everyone else: I did a team work activity where teams competed to construct the tallest tower out of marshmallows and spagetti. We had lots of fun: lots of the towers fell down but everyone got to eat lots of marshmallows!

I think that the trip to Roihu will be an amazing oppotunity for me as there will be Guides and Scouts from all around the world and so I can learn about cultures from other countries. This experience will broden my understanding of how others live in different parts of the world. It will also be an oppotunity to make some new friends from my area, I'm really lucky to have been selected for this trip since there are only 8 people going from the Cambs East area. As I have not previously met any of the girls I will make strong friendships with them and I hope to contine these after the trip.

Please help me take advantage of this opportunity, and donate!